Production process

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Machine park

Almost the entire production hall is covered by a 5-ton crane.

We use Merkle (135 method), Mahe (135 method) and Esab (141 method) welding machines. We use shielding gases produced by Messer (bottles or bundles of bottles connected to the distribution system).

Siegmund assembly tables and dedicated assembly devices for specific needs facilitate precision and speed of assembly.

Rotating mounting table up to 12m, 30m long and 3m wide straightening door station with a system of 3 pneumatic cylinders with a pressure of 50 tons for the levelling of welding deformations of structures, which guarantees high quality of a finished product.


The welding plant has a dedicated filtering system. Our welders hold IS Gliwice certificates for welding “black” and stainless steel and aluminium with 135,131, 141, 311,111 methods. Several of them have passed the Linde flame straightening course.

Welding supervision is provided by three welding engineers (IWE, EWE) and a welding technologist (IWT). The visual inspection of the welds is carried out by five people qualified in VT2 grade.


Due to the continuous development of the company we would like to offer you cooperation in the field of industrial bonding with the highest quality according to DIN 6701 and DIN 2304.

Our bonding department specialized staff is CERTIFIED with EAS (European Adhesive Specialist,) and employs bonding specialists in EAB (European Adhesive Bonder).

We are able to perform bonding in class A2, A3 and A4. After a prior arrangement of the terms of the order, we are able to handle the bonding range in the highest class A1 thanks to the bonding engineers EAE (European Adhesive Engineer).


Thanks to innovative solutions, our staff and a 30 m straightening station we are able to meet the toughest challenges.

Quality control

We have highly qualified and certified personnel who care about the quality of our products. We have many years of experience in non-destructive testing (NDT). We have a high class Olympus EPOCH 650 (UT2) defectoscope and the HEXAGON’s Romer Absolute Arm.

  • VT testing (non-destructive)
  • penetration tests
  • geometry and shape measurements
  • ultrasonic testing (UT2)


We provide our customers with a complete supply chain, starting from collecting all details and finished products, through packing in safe reusable transport boxes, to ASAP and Just In Time deliveries.